Luxurious Facilities In Singapore Condos

Year after Year world running on modern facilities. People want more and more facilities day by day. With new technologies you can get more facilities in less effort. Nowadays everyone wants the luxurious home to live and the builders provides all luxurious facilities to satisfy their customers. When you get your dream house then money doesnt matter.

Today builders provide different facilities through which an ordinary man also can buy his corn home. They provide monthly EMIs, so a person can afford the condo and make it to his own home after some years. A condo is in a new trend in Singapore.

The condo has everything to fulfill a persons luxurious life dream. It contains,
– Gym
– Swimming pool
– Great location
– Running track
– Golf club
– Secure parking place
– Lobbies
– Clubs
– Elevator

And many more extra-ordinary facilities. Some condos are located beside the sea so it gives stupendous look to a condo.

Singapore condos divided into three different parts regarding the price :
– Luxurious condos : Developers put their all efforts to fulfill the customers luxurious services and give them the finest quality in terms of finishing, fittings and fixtures. They hire extra-ordinary architectures to make a unique and stunning design of their project which attracts more and more people.

– Mid- tier range Condos : All people cant afford the luxury condos so developers make the mid-tire range condos. Then there are condominiums belonging to the mid-tier range. These types of condos located near the city fringes, in areas like Newton Novena and Tanjong Rhu. These types of condos are famous because of its location which contains entertainment hubs and other full facilities. They also provide great theme based condos so what a person need more than this ????

– Low Range condos : People who live in public housing, can make their own property through the developers who make low range condos. Here they provide needful facilities. These condos have all the facilities which a common man wants.

People spent lots of money on condos because they can fulfill their all needs in a single condo. Singapore condos are very famous in all over the world because of the interiors, floor plans and fantastic location. When you get up in the morning and the fantastic look of the sea comes into your eye, it makes your whole day cheerful. These things pulled out more and more towards it. Lots of Foreigners have come to Singapore to buy condos for just a safe and profitable investment.

Some interesting Facts :
– According to Singapore government data of May, 2012, a local builder sell 2,200 homes in May.
– The sales in April, 2012 is 2,487. So through these numbers you can see that more and more people investing their money in condos.

The condo provides every facility so people attract more towards it. The prices are also increasing day by day so people always get profit when they sell the condo. So investing in a condo is a safe way to make your money more valuable.

Tenant Rights When The Landlord Won’t Fix Things

Is your landlord taking advantage of you? Don’t let it continue; take action!

Renters are always confused about exactly what privileges they possess as a rent-paying individual. Here, I hope to clear up some misconceptions and let the readers know exactly what they are entitled to from their landlords. Empowered with the correct legal knowledge, renters can confront their landlords and ensure they do not continue to be taken advantage of.

In order to keep this article applicable to all readers, I will focus this discussion on law common to most states. Please keep in mind that some states have laws that add an extra layer of rights for the tenant. Also keep in mind that I am focusing the discussion on residential tenant law; there are several sources on the internet discussing commercial tenant law.

Most law in this field is derived from the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (URLTA) and the Model Residential Landlord-Tenant Code. Key to the URLTA is the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment. This means that you, the tenant, will not be disturbed by anybody with superior title (a.k.a the landlord or owner). Breach of this can be either actual or constructive; an example of a constructive breach is when the landlord causes the property to become uninhabitable.

Oh, by the way, uninhabitable does not mean the same thing as unlivable. The law does not provide strict legal definitions of uninhabitable, but it provides a few guidelines. For example, things like cockroaches, mold, a missing window screen, an unlit stairway, and peeling paint could all potentially be reasons for your apartment to be deemed uninhabitable.

OK, so the landlord breached this covenant. What now? You have a lot of options.

Your first choice, in most states, is to get out of there free and clear. While you are normally required to give 30 days notice, most states allows you to move out without telling the landlord or even giving him a chance to fix the problem. Many people have used this little legal clause to help get them out of paying penalties for moving out of the apartment early.

Second choice: call the authorities. In this case, authorities refers to the Health Department and Building and the Safety Department. This method makes for sweet revenge. Landlords who do not follow building codes and health codes can get slapped with hefty criminal penalties. It’s fairly easy to do this. First, simply call up the County Supervisor’s office with a few key complaints. After this initial conversation, the inspecting group will come out and talk to you; when you see them, hand them a list of all defects you are complaining about. The inspector will write a citation to the landlord and give them a specific time frame in which the landlord must finish all repairs (or else he/she will face monetary and/or criminal charges).

Another option you have is to repair broken items yourself and deduct the charges from your rent check. This one is annoying in that it requires the broken item to be related to habitability, you are required to first notify your landlord about the issue, and you have to give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to fix the mentioned problems. There is a lot of gray area in defining exactly what a reasonable amount of time means.

Fourth, you can deduct rent. It is typically hard to find a case when this is legally acceptable. You can only do this if you are living in an illegal unit (like a converted garage) or if you live in a rental unit that currently has a substantial reduction in habitability. A landlord is technically not allowed to collect rent from you in these cases. In some previous legal cases, lack of heating in the winter and exposed wiring were both allowed as reasons for withholding rent.

Your last possible solution is the most time-consuming, but the most potentially rewarding. Most successful lawsuits against landlords mainly revolve around breaches of contract and nuisance claims. I would suggest you take your case to small claims court (claims of up to around $5,000). Small claims suits are over in about one month versus the several years that a regular case would take. Lawyers are also not allowed in small claims court, so your main cost would simply be the small filing fee, which is usually about $20.

No matter which of these actions you are considering, it is always a good idea to take 5 basic steps before doing anything. These will make sure that the landlords don’t end up unfairly winning in court.

1. Call the landlord and ask him to fix things immediately.
2. Write a letter saying you’re leaving under the state code that permits you to do so (e.g. California uses Civil Code 1942). Also, request an immediate final walkthrough in order to get back your security deposit.
3. Take pictures of every defect, every room, and the exterior of your unit.
4. Take notes on what was wrong with each item.
5. Keep copies of everything, including your rental agreement.

The key point here is: don’t be victims of a slumlord. Take action and make your landlord pay for his/her wrongs against you! Once tenants are empowered with the information needed to stop landlords from taking advantage of them, landlords will know to stop exploiting renters from their self-established high pedestal.

Find The Perfect Mortgage Broker In Milton

Planning to get the perfect mortgage

Thinking of buying a home of your own in Milton? A dependable and knowledgeable mortgage broker in Milton can make your quest easier. It can be a complex and tricky task to hunt for a good house and even more of a challenge to get the best mortgage loan with easily repayable interest rates. But with a trustworthy broker helping you, you will be able to convert this momentous decision into reality without unnecessary stress or hassle.

Searching for a suitable broker

It can be an uphill task to understand the elaborate details of the intricate process of buying a home – especially for the first home. Rushing through the process will be costly – even making you regret the whole act of buying a home. But a reliable mortgage broker in Miltoncan chart out a successful and smart mortgage loan plan to make house purchase the smartest decision on personal front as a secure asset and sound investment option.

Broker – every step with you

The role of a mortgage broker in Milton does not comprise just securing a mortgage for your house purchase. He guides you from the pre-approval stage which is mandatory for a first time home buyer and takes you through the various & complicated steps of paper work, approvals and acceptance etc. He will get you the most advantageous terms that will make repayment fast and easy and not a heavy burden to be dreaded but more an opportunity to create wealth and security.

Good broker – great lending terms

A smart and savvy mortgage broker in Milton has great liaison with all the leading lenders and bankers. He gets inside information and advance knowledge of beneficial interest terms – actually more advantageous than advertised or published – and he tries to secure it for his client within the shortest time possible. He knows every rule, regulation and requisites that his client has to comply with and manages to make the house purchase safe, swift and absolutely stress-free.

Knowledgeable broker – right mortgage planner

A dependable and knowledgeable mortgage broker in Milton does not just focus on getting a loan for your home purchase. He takes an active interest in the financial plans and investment options that his client as a house owner. He looks for quicker and yet faster ways and means to make his client debt-free sooner. As a versatile mortgage planner, he plays a crucial role in safe-guarding his clients and clients family financial position and helps them live happily with financial security.

Mortgage Broker – a life long friend

The role of a loyal, helpful and dependable mortgage broker in Milton does not end with just getting you your house. He can greatly help you in some of your future major financial investments like
Refinancing your home.
Getting a second home.
Getting a second mortgage.
Selling your home.
It is a mutually beneficial relationship – enriching both equally lifelong. For more details about how you can have a trouble-free home purchase, refinancing, additional mortgage or second home purchase options.

How To Repair Solar Led Lanterns

How to Repair Solar LED Lanterns

There are a number of problems that can besiege your solar LED lantern, none of them serious and all of them pretty simple to fix relatively inexpensively. The most important thing to remember is that an LED is not an incandescent light bulb, and does not operate the same way. As such, you dont have to worry about bulbs blowing out or causing damage to the rest of the lantern. Solar LEDs have their own special set of problems youll need to diagnose.

Ascertain which bulb in your lantern has blown by powering the device and looking for the dark bulb (or more than one). Shut off the power and unplug the lantern from its light source, and use extra LEDs to replace the burned-out ones. LEDs have a “polarity,” that is, they have a positive leg and a negative leg. Observe the proper polarity when replacing an LED, as it will not work if it is installed backwards.

Check the fuses of your lantern if all its LEDs are out simultaneously. Unplug your lantern from its power source, replace one fuse, and turn the lantern back on. Repeat until you find the blown fuse. Alternatively, you could use a volt/ohmmeter to check each fuse without replacing them.

3.Check your lanterns wiring for accidentally pinched, severed, stapled or otherwise damaged wiring. If you find any, cut out the damage area, strip the ends of the undamaged wires, and reconnect them. Cover the connected area with electrical tape.

Re-solder any burned-out or oxidized terminals on your solar panel. Locate bad solder joints by noting which are shiny, and which are not. Unsolder the non-shiny ones, clean the area of any leftover bad solder, and solder the connection afresh with 2 percent silver solder.

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